News Item: (CAN) Charges against biker dropped
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Saturday 03 October 2009 - 05:53:08

Winnepeg Sun

The Crown stayed drug charges against a Winnipeg Hells Angels member yesterday, citing identification issues and considerable doubt the man would be convicted.

Corey (Tiny) MacInnis, one of the biker gang's original Winnipeg members, had been charged with one count of drug trafficking in relation to an October 2007 incident.

"The allegation was that he was with a woman who allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover officer," said MacInnis's lawyer Tim Killeen.

MacInnis was not arrested at the time, but was slapped with the charge when he turned himself in to police a few weeks later in connection with an unrelated assault that occurred on Toronto Street in December 2006.

MacInnis's co-accused in the October 2007 drug deal has been convicted and sentenced to 18 months in prison for the crime, but yesterday the Crown stayed the charge against MacInnis, noting there were significant issues in connecting him to the scene and little hope he would be convicted.

MacInnis was at the centre of a minor controversy in 2002 when he and some business partners opened a clothing store called River City Choppers, first in the Exchange District, then later on Main Street in West Kildonan. Several residents expressed fear the store was connected to the Hells Angels but MacInnis consistently denied that claim.

The store closed a few years ago.

MacInnis is scheduled to go to trial Dec. 7-11 for charges related to the Toronto Street assault. He is currently free on bail.

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