News Item: Judge asked to revoke bail of suspect in fatal shooting
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Friday 28 July 2006 - 11:04:17

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Manchester – Senior Attorney General Will Delker yesterday asked Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Judge Kathleen Maguire to revoke the bail of Christopher Legere, 36, of Raymond, accused of killing John Denoncourt June 25.

Denoncourt was fatally shot outside 3 Cousins Pizza and Lounge on Wilson Street, an Outlaws motorcycle gang hangout.

Legere, who also spells his name Leger, is being held on $100,000 cash-only bail at the Valley Street jail.

Delker said Legere identified witnesses named in a police affidavit, in violation of bail conditions, in telephone conversations with his pregnant girlfriend, Amy Caswell, and with Outlaws president Victor Vincente.

Delker said that within hours of his bail hearing July 11, Legere identified four witnesses named in the affidavit in a phone call with Caswell. Later, in a phone call to Vincente, Legere identified one of the witnesses, about whom he said: "He is a major piece of the pie."

Defense attorney Bruce Kenna said Legere was simply trying to warn Caswell to stay away from the witnesses; and, as for the witness identified to Vincente, suggested Legere might have meant the witness' testimony could be advantageous to Legere.

In response, Manchester Police Det. Sgt. Nick Willard, who heads the investigation into Denoncourt's death, said the recording and transcript show the comment by Legere after the "piece of the pie" comment was "and that's not good news." He said Vincente's response was: "We'll have to f------ deal with it."

When Kenna asked Willard if it wouldn't be foolish for prisoners to say anything incriminating in an outgoing call, at the start of which they are warned the call is being recorded, Willard responded: "It happens all the time."

Delker submitted CDs and transcripts of the phone calls he cited as illustrating violations of bail conditions for review, and Maguire took the revocation request under advisement.

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