News Item: POW/MIA Rally Wraps Up In Pocatello
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Posted by MJF
Monday 31 July 2006 - 12:52:27

July 30, 2006

Sunday wrapped up the Sixth Annual POW/MIA Awareness Rally in Pocatello.

It was kid's day at the Bannock County Fairgrounds. The admission fee was waved for all families. The young ones were free to enjoy the fair style food and entertainment.

The event organizers say they hope along with all the fun, the young generation will also come away with a lesson in American history.

Like all three days, there was a strong presence from the biker community.

One biker explains the common beliefs system that bonds the two groups.

"You never ever leave your buddy in a situation where they need help and they can't find it. And that's what's the POW/MIA groups are about. We're here to help," said member Doc.

Pocatello is the national and state headquarters of the POW/MIA.

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