News Item: Tribes Get Ready For Rally March
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Wednesday 02 August 2006 - 10:51:12

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Thousands of motorcyclists are headed to Sturgis for the motorcycle rally that begins Monday. However, hundreds of Native Americans are also preparing for the event—concerned it's getting too close to their sacred site at Bear Butte.

They've come from all over the nation and around world.

“We have the Arapaho. We have some people from Ecuador. We have some Navajo and Dine' that came in from Arizona," Organizer Victorio Camp said.

Tribal members with the same concerns.

Camp said, "So we're trying to come together to figure out ways to protect these sacred no further desecration or development around sacred sites."

It's called the Summit of Indigenous Nations. More than 300 people are at Bear Butte to find ways to protect the sacred site and others and keep businesses from building too close. Members are also preparing for a march in front of bikers in town for the Sturgis Rally.

Camp said, "We're not training to fight bikers. That's not the case. In our religion and culture the warriors also had to be fit. It was a part of life."

And organizers are already finding support.

Camp said, "Yes we do have alliances with bikers all over the nation. Bikers are organizing and trying to keep their clubs away from Sturgis."

The demonstration isn't aimed entirely at turning people away from the rally, but rather educating those who do visit.

Camp said, "It's a unity effort definitely. The people are coming together to stand in solidarity and say no more desecration of our sacred sites."

Supporters are also passing out flyers encouraging bikers to not ride highway 79, which goes past several bars near the butte.

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