News Item: (CAN) Unholy Trio: Mob, gangs and bikers
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Monday 28 December 2015 - 23:12:37

Cops discover that just because it's been quiet doesn't mean criminals have been idle.

It has been quiet on the streets.

Just a year ago, the sounds of a protracted mob war were still being heard in Southern Ontario. Then things appeared to have settled.

But silence can be deceiving. It could mean that the crime clans were focused on making money, or making plans. Maybe it's a bit of both.

The 2013 death of Vito Rizzuto, 67, the Montreal crime boss, by natural causes had not immediately ended the deadly vendetta he waged against his enemies and those who conspired against him, many based in Southern Ontario.

Police in Quebec filled in at least some of the blanks after a two-year period of guessing who's the boss when they arrested 48 people, executing in November Projects Magot and Mastiff - launched in January 2013 - which targeted alleged organized crime members, street gang members and Hells Angels bikers.

The arrests helped define how the leadership void was allegedly filled following Vito's death, presumably of cancer. Among the arrested were two people police allege are leaders of the Rizzuto crime family: Rizzuto's lawyer son Leonardo, 46, and Stefano Sollecito, a son of long-time Rizzuto clan supporter Rocco Sollecito. Both face drug-and gangsterism-related charges.

Surete Quebec said in November the projects were designed to find the links and alliances between the Hells Angels, the Italian crime group and street gangs. That link

seems to be alleged street gang boss and biker Gregory Woolley, who was arrested in the raids.

A schematic released by police alleges an alliance between Leonardo and Sollecito with gang links to Woolley and several other accused organized crime figures, including Hells member and founder of the original Rock Machine bike gang, Salvatore Cazzetta. In the middle, allegedly, is defence lawyer Loris Cavaltere, 61, who authorities say used his office as a meeting place. He was also arrested in the November raids.

Woolley was a bodyguard for former Hells' Quebec Nomads president Maurice "Mom" Boucher, 62, now in jail for life for ordering the murders of two prison guards and the attempted murder of another in 1997.

Arrested in November Boucher and his daughter, Alexandra Mongeau, 25, were also arrested in the November sweeps.

Police alleged Mongeau was the messenger between Woolley and Boucher in plans to kill Raynald Desjardins, a former Vito Rizzuto henchman turned rebel. Desjardins is now in jail for his role in the 2011 slaying of Salvatore Montagna, a former Bonanno crime boss from New York City, who had been deported to his hometown of Montreal and was seeking to muscle his way to the top.

Surete Quebec Lt. Benoît Dubé said following the raids that Desjardins was apparently targeted in part because he's a rival but also for revenge for taking a stand against Vito Rizzuto.

Bail hearings for the accused are expected in January.

Desjardins and Montagna were part of a conspiracy, including some from Ontario 'Ndrangheta Calabrian crime clans, to replace Vito and his family. Internal squabbles led to Montagna's death and Vito's return to Canada from a Colorado jail after serving a 10-year racketeering sentence ended the attempted coup. Following Vito's return in 2012, bodies began to drop in Ontario, in part in retaliation for the murders of Vito's son, Nicolo Jr., his father Nicolo Sr., brother-in-law Paolo Renda and other close associates, and in part for being traitors.

Project Magot Arrests

The tally included prolific 'Ndranghetta hit man Salvatore "Sam" Calalutti, Joe Di Maulo and his brotherin-law Roger Valiquette Jr., Moreno Gallo, who was in Mexico when he was slain. Juan Ramon Fernandez, known as Joe Bravo, a former Rizzuto strongman in Ontario, and his associate Fernando Pimental, were murdered in Sicily, in part, for abandoning Rizzuto.

Conspirator killed in 2014 Carmine Verducci, 56, killed in 2014, was probably the highest-ranking conspirator killed in Ontario.

He was the link between Southern Ontario Calabrian clans with the most powerful clan in Calabria, as well as a go-between among families here in Canada.

Verducci was also a close associate of Carmelo Bruzzese, 66, who fought Canadian immigration authorities since August 2013 to stay in Canada. He is now in custody in Italy after he was deported in October. Police in Italy suggest Bruzzese held sway in the Calabrian city of Grotteria, but had been living in Canada since the 1960s, and once had a strong relationship with Vito Rizzuto.

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