News Item: (USA) Mongols Motorcycle Club asks expo shooting witnesses to tell the truth
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Saturday 06 February 2016 - 20:16:20

In a rare move, the Mongols Motorcycle Club held a news conference Thursday in Denver where a bow-tie-wearing lawyer, flanked by unidentified club members, spoke about Saturday's biker brawl that left one man dead.

Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs read from a statement and rarely veered from the script, which he described as important and pointed. The statement included the Mongols' version of what happened in the fight between their club and the Iron Order Motorcycle Club at the Denver Motorcycle Expo at the National Western complex.

"The Mongols Motorcycle Club is confident that the many independent witnesses will tell the truth and this matter will be handled appropriately," Stubbs said. "Everyone has the right to defend themselves from physical confrontation. If someone is threatened or attacked, that person has the right to stand up for himself and use appropriate force to defend against that threat. However, any force used to defend yourself must be reasonable."

Victor Mendoza, a 46-year-old Mongol, died from a gunshot wound he received during the brawl. Seven others were injured, including someone who was stabbed.

Each side has blamed the other for starting the fight.

Stubbs' statement said Mendoza was trying to disarm an Iron Order member who pointed a gun at a crowd of people.

Mendoza was acting in self-defense, he said, and the shooter's actions were unreasonable.

"He was a dedicated father and husband," Stubbs said of Mendoza. "A true brother and friend with the talent to make kids smile. Victor Mendoza sacrificed his life attempting to save others. There is no greater love than this."

Stubbs described the shooter, who has not been identified, as "some intoxicated lunatic."

A Colorado Department of Corrections officer, Derrick Duran, fired a shot in the fight.

He is on administrative leave.

Police have not said whether Duran's shot struck anyone. Duran, who used the nickname "Kong," has been identified as a member of the Iron Order.

John C. Whitfield, an attorney for the Iron Order, said the Mongols' version of the fight is "fantasy." He also criticized the club for holding a news conference but refusing to cooperate with the police investigation.

"It's one thing to hold a press conference," Whitfield said. "It's another thing to do what law-abiding citizens do — and that's cooperate with the investigation."

On Thursday, Denver police spokesman Doug Schepman said detectives continued interviewing witnesses and the investigation was ongoing.

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