News Item: (USA) Fort Worth Police Investigate Claim Officer Sprayed Bikers With Mace
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Monday 14 March 2016 - 19:46:12

Fort Worth police are investigating a video posted to YouTube that motorcycle riders allege shows an officer spraying mace on them as they ride past.
"An investigation was begun immediately upon receipt of the video this morning. At this time, detectives are trying to locate witnesses and identify the officer involved," said Cpl. Tracey Knight.

The video was posted to Chase Stone's YouTube channel with the caption, "MUST WATCH!!! This is how our law enforcement chooses to "protect and serve."
Based on what can be seen in the video, it appears the Fort Worth police officer stopped a red pickup truck with a passenger in the bed.

As a group of motorcycle riders pass the traffic stop, video recorded on a camera worn by one of the riders was slowed down and zoomed in to show the officer exit his patrol car and spray a yellow mist into the air in the direction of the riders.
An incident report obtained by NBC 5 confirms the traffic stop took place Sunday at about 3 p.m. along the 1500 block of U.S. 287/Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway and that the driver of the pickup, Brittany Botella, and her passengers, "were cited after they were blocking traffic to rocord [sic] motorcycles driving recklessly." The report lists the officer's name as W. Figueroa.

In the video, the pickup truck can be seen off of the highway and stopped in the emergency lane.
On Facebook, several commenters said the mist blew toward the stopped pickup where it affected a pregnant passenger and a little girl. The child, the post said, required medical treatment afterward. It is not known if any other motorists were affected by the incident and the statements posted to Facebook have not been independently confirmed by NBC 5.

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