News Item: (USA)Motorcycle club shows support for boy targeted by racist vandalism
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Monday 14 November 2016 - 15:27:37

A Derry woman and her son who have been targeted by racially explicit vandalism over the past few weeks received some unexpected support Thursday.

Beginning in late October, Eze Obiora, 7, and his mother, Jaci Stimson, were the targets of racist vandalism at their home.

"We were feeling very isolated," Stimson said. "We were scared. We were questioning whether a lot of other people feel this way and we were just oblivious to it."

Stimson said that when she shared her story, support came from everywhere, including one group she never expected: the Manchester Motorcycle Club.

"He knows that somebody cares about him," said Steve Vachon of the Manchester Motorcycle Club. "He knows mom and grandmom do, but perfect strangers showed him that they care. And I think that matters. It makes a big difference."

The club organized a ride Thursday and picked Eze up at school, gave him his own club jacket and took him out for some frozen yogurt.

"Racism is something that's taught, and we don't want him to learn that," said Mike Donovan of the Manchester Motorcycle Club. "We want him to learn that everybody is good, and there's other people out there that support him and are willing to be there for him."

Eze said he enjoyed his day with the motorcycle club.

"I think it's fun to get a lot of new friends," he said.

The racial incidents have stopped, and Stimson said the club and others have sent a powerful message.

"There's a lot more love than hate in the world and our community as well, and he's got all this support," she said.

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